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Quality Focus

Throughout the Intellect’s successful business history, our commitment to quality has been exceptional. Intellect’s objective is to deliver an unparalleled value for software projects, as we believe this to be the only way to ensure customer satisfaction. To reach this goal, we at Intellect concentrate on three fundamental quality factors:

    Competence of Personnel

    Quality of Process

    Quality of Communication


Competence of Personnel
All Intellect employee has a university degree, having completed 5 or 6 years of university curriculum with specialization in Computer Sciences or Engineering or Master of Computer Application (MCA).

Moreover, Intellect  maintains close ties with the institution that provides quality Computer Science & Electronics education in India.

Quality of Process
Having the best specialists alone does not yet guarantee best results. Methodology is also a key factor that ensures every customer's request and requirement is addressed most efficiently.

Our teams are also experienced and extensively use the Rational Unified Process methodology, and the Extreme Programming approach.


Quality of Communication
It is possible to co-work successfully on a software project only if effective communication is ensured between the customer and the offshore software development team. Intellect focuses on two central project communication issues: language proficiency and organized task statement/reporting.

All Intellect project managers and programmers speak English well/fluently. The founders of Intellect have spent many years in the USA and UK.

As communication facilities we can use email, phone, IM. We can additionally utilize a proprietary web-system to centralize and organize all project communication.

If you're interested to see how we practice what we preach, please contact Intellect for a list of our clients. Our customers' success stories are the best credentials to our professionalism.


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